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Man Crawls Through Deep Sticky Mud To Free Baby Deer

Dramatic video has emerged of a man risking his life to free a baby deer stuck in deep, tar-like mud. In the video, the man ventures out into the sticky mud with just a thin rope attached around his waist as three men hold onto the line and watch from safety. The animal, which appears to be a young African Striped Deer (nyala) or an impala is completely submerged in the mud, unable to move. What follows is the man’s incredible effort to save the young African animal.

When he reached the deer, he looped the rope around the deer to secure her.

He had to pull hard to free the deer’s legs from the sticky trap.

Once her legs were free, he began the slow trek back to dry land.

It took several minutes to retrace his steps.

Exhausted, he finally makes it back to land.

The deer’s rescuers gave her some much needed water.

She was stunned for a moment before springing to her feet.

She sprinted away, relieved to be free from the mud…

…And happily rejoined her herd.

This man has a big heart to risk his safety to save the deer.