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Cute Shelter Cat Teaches Herself To Stand Like A Human

When a man in Indiana first discovered Roo living outside near his house, he noticed her twisted front legs immediately — but Roo herself didn’t seem to realize there was anything different about her. Wanting to help, the man built a ramp leading up to his porch so that Roo could stop by for food and a little attention. When the man was getting ready to move away, he contacted the Official Humane Association of Clark County about his friend Roo.

“He was afraid the new tenants wouldn’t care for her,” ‎Peggy Campbell-Rensel‎, who works at the Official Humane Association of Clark County, told The Dodo.

The shelter agreed to take Roo in, as well as her kitten, and fell in love with her the moment she arrived. Seeing her twisted front legs, they weren’t sure exactly how Roo managed to get around …

… until they watched her hopping, rolling and standing on her back legs like a little human.

Roo knows exactly how to get around because it’s all she’s ever known, and while everyone else finds her methods absolutely adorable, to Roo, it’s just a normal part of life.

“She doesn’t realize she has any issues,” Campbell-Rensel‎ said.

Her standing pose is just too cute, and fits perfectly with her sweet personality. Everyone at the shelter has loved getting to know Roo and giving her all the attention, but they’re also hoping to find her the perfect family as soon as possible.

Roo is now all settled in to the shelter and looking for a forever home. She needs a family who understands her differences and can support her if she ever needs any extra help, but for the most part, she just needs lots of love.

Roo doesn’t seem to know that she’s any different from other cats, and everyone is hoping to find her a family who sees her the same way.