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He Spreads His Compassionate Gesture So That The Baby Dove He Rescued Learns To Eat By Herself

It’s good that there are people who are kind, kind, and prepared to stand up for the weakest members of society.

When Scot Kelly and Ben Page saw the little dove on the ground unable to fly, they took up the role of its guardians.

The tiny pigeon appeared too frail to fly and need assistance. She was lucky that Scot and Ben made it just in time; else, the poor little critter would have been alone itself.

“No luck when we searched the area for a nest or some other pigeons. So we brought her home “said Ben.

Scot Kelly

When it came time to feed, the new pigeon didn’t appear to know how to eat, thus he quickly proved to be a more difficult patient than the old one.

“She was unaware of it. Scot had to inject a syringe into her mouth to feed her “Ben threw in.

Scot Kelly

Scot and the small popcorn did not enjoy the work of feeding the popcorn, but it was a necessary one that could not be stopped. Scot thought of a wonderful idea while looking for a fix.

Scot Kelly

Scot reasoned that if Mrs. Patootie, as this small dove was known, observed other birds eating, she would be inspired to do the same. At that point, Scot organized a digital meal using a video of pigeons congregating right before a meal.

Ben recalled that Mrs. Patootie quickly began picking at the seeds when he placed the phone and some seeds in front of her.

You can’t stop watching Scot and Ben’s video that demonstrates what a brilliant idea this was:

Scot Kelly

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Patootie benefited from virtual company and acquired much-needed strength.

“We felt happy and relieved! Force feeding is not pleasurable at all, so we were concerned. Watching her learn to eat is fascinating, said Ben.

Things improved gradually for Mrs. Patootie.

Scot Kelly