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The Cutest Companion In The World Is A Kitten Rescued By The Cops

Animals are in responsible of picking us as their everlasting humans most of the time, but life is also in charge of joining two souls who are intended to be together.

Two policemen from the Durham Police Department in North Carolina went about their business as usual on Wednesday last week. They had no idea at the moment that a little emergency would impact their lives forever and that they would save the life of a kitten.

The cat who was rescued by the cops has found a new home.


The two cops decided to pull over and assist the little homeless cat in locating his feline mother or potential family and home. Officers began asking around the area for a suspected mother cat in the hopes of finding her family.

After a long search, no one claimed the young kid, indicating that the kitten was alone and without a family.


On Facebook, the police department stated:

“Officers scoured the neighborhood for the kitten’s owner or mother, but they came up empty-handed.”

JN Rowsey took the cat to the patrol and wrapped him in a towel to calm him down since the officers couldn’t leave him alone. The little kitten was still scared, but as the officer held him and gave him lots of kisses and hugs, he began to relax.


The cat quickly came from his shell and made himself at home with his rescuer; he climbed upon his shoulders and concluded that this was the best place for him to remain. The kitty cried with its beautiful meows on the officer’s shoulders, as if signaling it was eager to leave the streets.

Rowsey picked her as his new human mother after spending time with him, and she couldn’t say no.


The officer was smitten by the small tabby and decided to adopt him. He was the cutest companion in the world from that time on.

The mother brought the young guy to the vet for a general check-up, where he received a clean bill of health and was given the name Dobby. The kitten was found to be about six weeks old after testing.

Rowsey has reportedly rescued a kitten before, according to the officer’s family. Dobby was the second stray cat that he had rescued.


The police department went on to say:

«The lucky cat was adopted by one of the policemen. He immediately settled in and seemed to be happy to have found a new home with Officer Rowsey.

What began as a regular trip to assist an animal turned into the start of a lifelong friendship, and most importantly, Dobby will never have to spend another day walking the streets in search of food and shelter.