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Everyone Has Been Shocked By An Adorable Golden Retriever’s Humorous Attitude, As He Refuses To Consume His Food Until It Has Been Prepared Beforehand

An lovely Golden Retriever refuses to eat his daily meal unless his family lovingly prepares it for him, a circumstance that has stunned everyone who knows him.

Because the tiny dog named Enzo had previously caught a stomach ailment, his veterinarian advised that he feed him wet food for a few days. When he felt better, his family gradually gave him his regular diet, which he mixed with some wet food to avoid overloading his stomach.

After a few days, Enzo resumed receiving his regular meal, but something unusual began to happen to everyone else.


Enzo made the decision to quit eating, and no one knew why. His family was concerned since they believed he was still ill, but everything turned out to be alright. Because the dog refused to eat, which is uncommon for a golden retriever, his owners decided to pay attention to all of the warning symptoms.


His family thought that Enzo would reveal something about his conduct, but they didn’t understand it at first.

Enzo’s mother, Alicia, told The Dodo:

“You can tell he’s always thinking and pondering something.” His brows are incredibly expressive and communicate his opinions on everything.”


The dog’s family concocted a plan to figure out why he wasn’t eating and to find a remedy. They eventually discovered out why he wasn’t eating regularly after a few minutes of deliberation, and the solution was far too amusing.


Alice made the following observation:

“We got an idea one day. Sure enough, we took the regular meal, mixed it up with a spoon, and returned it… He ate it right away.”

Enzo had apparently observed how his special meal was cooked when he was ill and decided that this was the way it should always be done.

Enzo requested that his family stir his food with a lot of love, and once they did, the dog was content to eat whatever was served to him. Her family now makes a point of stirring her meal before presenting it to her, so she doesn’t miss the hidden ingredient.

Alice continued, ”

“Now it’s just part of our daily routine.”