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Homeless Dog Runs After Car Demanding To Be Rescued

Valia Orfanidou was travelling along a quiet road in Greece when she noticed a little black and white homeless dog jump out of the bushes and begin chasing purposely after her car. She knew she couldn’t abandon the abandoned dog to her destiny.

As she slowed her vehicle, the woman observed him with astonishment in the rearview mirror. Valia is an animal rescuer in Greece with her own blog, The Orphan Pet, where she chronicles her experiences with each process and rescue.


The woman came to a halt in her car and attempted to persuade the small puppy to enter. She looked for a method to get closer to her and earn her trust for a little more than ten minutes.

Valia explains:

“When I came to a halt, he hid behind the car’s wheels. He would hide whenever he got close to me, and after he took a few steps back, he would emerge from hiding and growl at me as if he was trying to convey something.”

When the woman was finally allowed to handle the puppy, she put it in the car right away, and the puppy appeared to be extremely pleased, wagging its tail excitedly. Despite his existence on the streets, Valia immediately went to a veterinary, where they discovered that the tiny child was completely healthy.


Bandit, the little boy, is currently in a lovely foster home in Athens; he is bright and energetic, a really happy child who grows very quickly.

Vale continues:

“He is self-reliant and self-assured. [However] devoted and eager to learn.”


Bandit is currently trying out a variety of new things, including warm and soft beds, healthy and tasty food, his guardians’ unconditional affection, and wonderful walks where he may gallop until he is exhausted.

With the help of the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, Bandit will soon find a home that will provide him with the love and care he deserves.