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Dog With Separation Anxiety Patiently Waits For His Dad All Day

Toby, a lovable dog that lives with his family in Peru, detests being left alone at home, particularly when his father must be gone for an extended amount of time. The dog has separation anxiety and frequently spends the whole day on the balcony, sometimes staying up late peering into the darkness. He occasionally lets out little screams.

Some dogs may display specific mental disorders, such as separation anxiety; they may need constant companionship and may get sad and a little distressed if left alone for any amount of time.


These nervous behaviors might be as modest as intermittent screaming or as extreme as clawing and object-chewing. Dogs who are anxious about being alone will use whatever means necessary to catch your attention and bring you home.

The most hazardous situation is when our dog attempts to flee when she feels lonely at home. If you live in an apartment, it is possible that your front door may get slightly damaged as a result. There is a possibility that your dog will dig a hole in the fence and end up escaping if you live in a house and frequently leave him in the garden.

In these situations, it is crucial to make sure that our dog is in a secure and enclosed space when he has be left alone since he may damage himself in his effort to flee from his worry.


When a dog senses that his owner is leaving the house, he may follow him about the house. However, if the dog starts to scream, jump up and down, or tremble for no apparent reason, you most likely have separation anxiety syndrome.

According to Rebecca Sargisson, a psychologist, in her essay Canine Separation Anxiety:

Despite the fact that most pets sense an emotional bond to their owners, worried people are more likely to experience it.


Since Toby is never truly alone and is always looked after, the problem is not as terrible in this specific instance. Additionally, he has a very placid disposition; although the family claims that he occasionally howls, he never attempts to flee, scratches, bites, or engages in any other harmful activity.