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Nearly Hairless Dog Is So White And Fluffy Now

Gardenia, a hairless dog, has been wandering the streets of Houston, Texas, asking for rescue for months. Then she saw a woman in a parking lot one night and decided to take a chance.

Gardenia approached the stranger, who offered her some food and a leash.


The rescuer shared a video of Gardenia on Facebook in search of a foster home for the stray, and Caitie Evers saw it right away. “I’ve earned the reputation of being a sucker for mange patients,” Evers told The Dodo. “Any post concerning a stray dog with mange will be sent to me or tagged to me.”

Gardenia’s look would be terrifying to some, but Evers recognized that below it was most likely a nice dog that only wanted to be loved.

Gardenia was picked up by Evers and taken home to recuperate. “All they want to do when you pick them up off the street like that is sleep,” Evers remarked. “So I made her comfy and rushed her to the vet.”

Gardenia had demodectic mange, a noncontagious type of the skin illness that may be readily cured with medicine, according to the veterinarians.


“She had loads of mange all over her, as well as secondary diseases from the mange,” Evers explained. “It was terrible; her entire back was raw.”


Gardenia’s demeanor showed how uncomfortable and itchy she was when the mange healed. “At first, she was really shy,” Evers remarked. “She’d just hang out, she wouldn’t play, she wouldn’t hug.”

She went on to say, “The poor child simply looked sad.” “She appeared to despise life and had given up.”

Gardenia’s fur began to regrow slowly after antibiotics and medicinal baths.

Gardenia began to feel better as the weeks passed, and her bright personality began to peek through. Evers stated, “She transformed into a goofball.” “She loves to pounce, play, and she has a thing for my German shepherd.”

“It’s hard to tell whether there’s a change for the first two weeks, and then it’s like, ‘Bam! Different dog,'” Evers added. “And now she’s so fluffy and lovely,” says the narrator.


Evers decided it was time to start thinking about finding Gardenia a forever home, and her friend Bri Tripaldi expressed interest in seeing the puppy shortly after. Gardenia’s story had captivated Tripaldi and her fiancé since the beginning, and they felt she would be the ideal addition to their family.


“I watched as she emerged from her shell and blossomed into the nicest puppy,” says the author “The Dodo spoke with Tripaldi. “We got to meet her and fell in love right away.”

“On the drive home after our first encounter with her, I glanced at Jayden and said, ‘She’s the one,'” says the narrator “Tripaldi explained. “”And boy, was I right!” says the narrator.