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This Woman’s Emotional Support Dog Comforts Her When She Has An Anxiety Attack

Animal companionship has several advantages in our lives, and it may even be beneficial to our mental health in some situations. Jen Medrano knows what it’s like to be in this scenario; her emotional support dog has been his closest companion while he’s dealing with anxiety episodes.

Many people battle with internal issues on a daily basis, suffering from ailments that are ostensibly invisible to others. Animals play a significant role for persons dealing with various anxiety problems.

Jen is the proud mother of two wonderful dogs named Watson and Kiko, who have completely transformed her life. Especially Watson, who is her most steadfast ally.


When he has a crisis, the dog often assists him in carrying the emotional strain. Jen recently chose to share a video of herself on Instagram, emphasizing the advantages of owning an emotional support dog.

The woman commented in the comment section:

“I have anxiety and have lately been diagnosed with PTSD.” The finest thing that ever happened to me was having Watson as my emotional support dog. Thanks to the puppy in my life who makes me want to go on, I’ve developed a lot as a person.


In the video, the lady sits with her arms over her face, and Watson approaches her and gives her a hug; for Jen, this simple act is a big source of positive reinforcement, and Watson is glad to assist her and show her that she will be there for her anytime she needs it.

Jen needed the dog’s assistance throughout the epidemic.

She continued, ”

“While I was in quarantine and had time to contemplate on a variety of topics, one of the things that came to me was how blessed I was to have such a loving and wonderful dog as Watson. Dogs are amazing creatures. Dogs are essential to life.


Pets are without a doubt unexpected and amazing; they improve our lives. Jen considers herself fortunate to have her dogs, particularly Watson’s support in her life.