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These Two Bobcats Felt In Love With Each Other Immediately

An adorable video of two bobcats has gone viral in Internet immediately. Everything happened in Colorado where you can already see two lovely bobcats falling in love with each other.

Isn’t this the cutest thing that you have seen ‘till now so far?

For me, it is!

Male bobcat started singing to attract female’s attention.

You can already tell that love was in the air. So beautiful!

Retired biology teacher Robyn Sloan was speechless after seeing the video.

“I didn’t believe what I was seeing,” Sloan told The Dodo. “Sometimes you just get very lucky in where you place your camera.”

“I think she probably did have kittens two months later as the gestation period for bobcats lasts about 60 days,” Sloan said, adding that the male’s performance singing had some pretty high stakes. “She would have scratched his face off if she wasn’t receptive to his advances.”

That’s amazing!