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Heartbreaking Photo Shows A Cat Holding The Hand Of His Humans On His Last Trip To The Vet

A few weeks ago, Reddit user abernha3 posted a really moving picture of a cat clutching its humans’ hands while they travel to the clinic. On their most recent outing to the vet as a family, Little Andrew the cat went along.

The very ill cat and his people appear to be holding hands in the picture as they journey together for the last time. Little Andrew, a gray cat with golden eyes, spent his entire life with his family.

“On his final visit to the vet, he clutched our hands. Little Andrew was considerably stronger than myself and his mother, according to the comment by abernha3, which was posted beside the photo.

He was 15 and a half years old and liked everyone, but in the previous year, he became older and worse. Every day of his life, he purred, so when he stopped, I knew it was time. Losing a buddy is never fun, “he declared.

More than 280 comments were left on the post by cat lovers, many of them shared their own tales and experiences of losing a feline pet. Others expressed sympathy for the man.

“It’s amazing how they realize when that last trip to the vet comes around,” one of them wrote. As was hers, Mina was at peace with what she knew.”