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This Adorable Dog, Who Was Rescued When He Was Just Six Months Old, Won’t Stop Offering His Hand To His Loving Father

Sam Clarence wanted to adopt a nice puppy from Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, a few years ago. Since then, the man has been able to observe how this homeless dog evolved from a timid to a sticky and affectionate companion.

If Stanley, the dog, has taught us anything, it is that he adores his father and refuses to let go of his hand.

Stanley decides to extend his “hand” to his new father regardless of what they are doing or how inconvenient the timing is.


According to Sam, who spoke to The Dodo,

“At all times, we have to be touching each other.” He’s been adamant about it.”

Sam began this adorable bond by volunteering to walk the dogs at his town’s animal shelter. Members of the shelter reportedly uncovered two 6-month-old puppies living with their mother on an abandoned property at the time.


Sam was deemed to be the ideal candidate to care for one of the recently rescued puppies for a few weeks at the shelter. Sam accepted the offer without hesitation, but as soon as he saw Stanley’s portrait, he knew it would be a trial with a different outcome.

The man appeared to have a great attraction to the dog, as if it were love at first sight, and chose to adopt him.


Sam continued, ”

“When we got home, he was afraid, and it took him an hour to get out of the car gently. I gave him a nice wash, some food, and a cozy bed in front of the fire once he was out.”

Stanley was gradually acclimating to his new surroundings, but he seemed to have a deep bond with his adoptive father in the interim.


He’d wanted to sleep in bed with his father since he arrived, but the strangest part was that he always needed to be touching him to relax.

Sam had this to say:

“He’d lie down behind me with at least one paw on my back, and if I moved, he moved with me.”

While Stanley has become smarter over the years, he has never lost his desire to be with his favorite human.