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Finally They Capture The Petty Thief Who Took The Booty Of More Than 100 Shoes From The Neighbors

We all know that furry friends are always on the go and prefer to be active most of the time, which may be a source of concern for us, especially if they like to take things that don’t belong to them.

It’s natural for many furry friends to want to play with things other than their toys; for example, puppies like pulling off their shoes and playing hide and seek with them. What happens, though, when our shoes start to vanish and there isn’t a dog involved?

A neighborhood was recently left perplexed after numerous pairs of shoes mysteriously vanished, including sandals, slippers, and sports boots, among others, all of which were unique and colorful.

Residents of Zehlendorf in Berlin, Germany, realized their shoes were vanishing and reported it to the police.

Although everyone suspected a minor thief, no one could have predicted who it was or that he had such a significant haul. It was about a naughty fox who was caught in the act while carrying a pair of athletic shoes.

Someone from the neighborhood decided to follow him and was shocked to see that the hairy creature had taken almost 100 pairs of shoes.

Fortunately, it was recovered in time, solving the big mystery of the lost shoes. They will now be returned to their owners, despite the fact that some of them are in poor condition.

When one of the neighbors caught the furry little burglar red-handed, his first response was to laugh out when he realized who was causing them so much anxiety.

Following his finding, the guy informed the rest of the people, who were considerably calmer when the thief was located.

Someone was able to catch photographs that were pretty delicate in the eyes of thousands of Internet users all around the world.