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This Dog Has Been Sitting Outside The House Waiting For The Return Of His Brother Who Was Probably Stolen Two Years Ago

Despite the fact that Hansum has been absent for the past two years, Harry and Hansum were genuinely close. Since then, the dog has been waiting outside the house for his brother to come home. The 45-year-old human of the dogs, Julie Evans, is concerned that Hansum has been taken.

She has made several attempts to locate him and is now in a frantic state because nobody has provided an explanation for his disappearance. Evans promised a £11,000 prize to anyone with information.

Since his brother vanished in 2014 while they were out for a walk with his human, Harry has been sad, but he never gives up hope of ever seeing him again.

His human decided to launch a Facebook campaign to get the two brothers back together, and as of right now, he has 15,000 supporters who are helping to find Hansum’s location.

John said:

“While Harry, Hansum, and I were out on a stroll, I let the dogs run free. Hansum did not return, but Harry did.

Since Harry and Hansum were brothers from the same litter, I immediately realized something was wrong.

“I looked everywhere, but Hansum was nowhere to be found. At the moment, Harry is standing by the door to check whether he’s returning.

While they were out for a walk close to her house, Julie worries that her beloved 3-year-old dog Hansum has been taken.

“Hansum has been missing for more than two years, but we still think of him and miss him every day.”

“I’ll never stop looking for him. Even though we’ve looked everywhere, I’ll never stop looking for him.