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Girl Walks Through Heavy Snow To Get Help For Her Puppy

People often go out of their way for their best friend’s health, and a girl who traveled through the deep and freezing snow to find aid for her puppy proves once again that animal love has no bounds.

Veterinarian Ogün ztürk once traveled to a tiny Turkish village to cure a client’s cow medically. The man had no intention of staying long; he merely intended to answer the phone and return home, but something unexpected changed his plans.

What started out as a normal visit turned into a circumstance that Ogün would never forget, and it forever changed his life as a human and a veterinarian.


The vet was ready to depart the town after concluding his duties when something attracted his eye in the distance. He could see a small girl approaching along a snow-covered path, but she wasn’t alone; she was carrying a lovely dog on her back.


Cemre Su Türköz, an 8-year-old girl, had apparently heard that a veterinarian was in town and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Pamuk, her small puppy, had become ill, and she was frantic to get him medical attention, so she decided to trek more than a mile to locate Ogun.

According to Ogun, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I was astonished and affected when I first saw them. She had wrapped her puppy in a blanket and carried it on her back ».


The vet, as predicted, couldn’t turn away the little girl and her ailing puppy and began to give her a thorough examination. Cemre became concerned, but happily, the puppy’s ailment was not life-threatening, and it was only a matter of obtaining the correct medicine.

Pamuk just had a few minor skin issues that bothered him, but nothing to write home about, according to the vet.


Ogun continued, ”

“Cemre was overjoyed when she learned that her puppy would be alright. Pamuk was given medication by me. He is presently enjoying a good time and is healthy and happy ».

Cemre’s boldness had resulted in their beloved pet receiving much-needed assistance as well as a new buddy.

Since then, the veterinarian has been to the hamlet numerous times to check on Cemre and Pamuk and to thoroughly examine the tiny dog’s health. As a result, Ogün assures that they will never have to cross the deep snow or risk their lives to find aid again.