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Grandpa Secretly Took Care Of Some Kittens Even Though His Wife Told Him He Couldn’t Have Them

With his wife, Jimmy, 85, resides in Puerto Rico. Untold numbers of stray cats are housed in his area. His wife, on the other hand, does not want animals to enter his home, despite the fact that he loves animals and wants to assist them. He has even wished to be hospitable to them.

In the back of the house, next to his tool area, where her grandmother does not go, according to his granddaughter Syl, who spoke to The Dodo, her grandpa provides food for stray cats.

She uttered:

Particularly nice and affectionate, this cat developed a relationship with my grandfather.

Jimmy had to keep his secret even more concealed because it turned out that the obliging cat was a female who was expecting.

Jimmy’s wife reportedly forbade him from taking the cat and her unborn kittens, but he nevertheless made sure they had a place to dwell within his shed.

Jimmy made that choice, and once the kittens were born, he had no remorse; meanwhile, his wife was blissfully oblivious of the situation.

Syl was not shocked to learn about his secret activity.

She uttered:

“My granddad has always had a kind heart and loved animals. He is not really that wonderful, then.

Despite his best attempts, Jimmy was unable to keep his cat family a secret from his wife for the duration of the cat’s pregnancy.

She learned three weeks after the kittens were born. Jimmy’s wife instantly became lot more accepting about the issue, even if she undoubtedly wasn’t happy to find that her husband had converted the space into a cat nursery without her knowing.