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Police Are Heartbroken That They Can’t Keep Their Dog When They Retire

Even though he has spent more time with the dog than his own wife over the past four years, a police officer is devastated to have to give up his beloved German Shepherd when he retires in April. Ivy the dog and Sergeant David Evans have been together every day since Ivy was nine months old, but once she retires, the man won’t be able to keep Ivy.

Despite the petition receiving more than 40,000 signatures, the West Mercia Police in England have informed him that Ivy would once more be overseen by a different police officer.

Jennie Evans, David’s daughter, was the one who created the online petition to support her father.

She told Mirror.co.uk :

“We understand what the police mean, that she still has years of service, but she tries to have a dog at home and not have any feelings. She is almost like a family member, if you are living with someone, you become attached. It is difficult to understand and we are very surprised by her decision. Especially since we have a lot of support behind us. Getting this amount of support and having this result is devastating.”

A campaign was started by the officer’s family in Market Drayton, Shropshire, earlier this month, claiming that they were “devastated” by the idea that they wouldn’t be able to keep Ivy once the officer retires after 34 years of service.

Within days, tens of thousands of people made calls pleading with West Mercia Police to let David and Ivy remain together “a “resource” with “many years of service remaining.

“”It is not a family pet,” she said, adding that.

“Ivy shouldn’t be left in the kennel for more than a few hours, according to her. I’m not sure when they last took a vacation. Ivy is the life of Daddy. They are ready to forgo trips since he understands that Ivy and he would both miss them.”

David and Ivy are best friends, and losing them would be almost like losing a family member. They deserve to be together.

According to his daughter, David even offered to pay Ivy’s expenses or purchase a replacement dog for Ivy, but the police rejected this.

Jennie also discussed the trauma that would impact Ivy, saying that she would endure a great deal of suffering.