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A Man Constructs A Fence Window So That His Dogs Can Visit Their Neighbor

By definition, fences aren’t the most socially friendly structures because they’re supposed to keep people and things away. But, for the benefit of his dogs and their next-door neighbor, one resourceful pet owner devised a workaround.

He constructed a fence window for them.


After seeing his three dogs continually gazing through the slats in his fence to catch a sight of his neighbor’s dog, who they’d frequently participate in a fun game of chase along the border, Reddit user ryanispiper came up with the concept.

He felt it would be good if they could engage face to face, and that is exactly what happened.

“It’s a lot of fun for the dogs,” he remarked. “If they are all out together, they go out every morning and interact with each other. They still pursue each other along the fence line, but I believe they are more content when they can see who they are after. They give each other puppy kisses and occasionally gaze or growl at one other.”


This isn’t the first time a pet owner has gone out of their way to satisfy their dog’s curiosity about the world outside. More folks that make fence windows for their dogs may be found here.

“My dog peering through a hole in our fence that my neighbor’s son drew”
“To allow our dog to look out, we had to make a hole in our fence.”
“On my afternoon stroll, I got to meet the neighbors’ dogs.”
“Thanks to her handmade fence, my puppy is waiting for her buddies.”
“Neighbor made a doggie hole in the fence so she could come over and say hello!”
(However, the strategy might backfire on occasion.)