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Puppy Drags His New Blanket To Share With A Homeless Dog In The Cold

Even though Lana, an 8-month-old dog who lives in Brazil, is still a puppy, she is aware of the value of being kind. On social media, a picture of her giving her new blanket to a stray dog has gone viral, garnering praise for her generosity.

Late last year, the dog and her siblings were plucked off the streets. Soon after, Suelen Schaumloeffel and her partner adopted her, and she grew up in her new home as a very content pet.

Lana has already experienced all the love and devotion a puppy could ask for, but she obviously is still aware of how difficult life is for dogs that are abandoned.

Suelen purchased a heavier blanket for Lana this week in order to keep her warm because the weather has been extremely chilly in that area lately. Suelen, however, was unaware that after leaving Lana for the evening, she would soon forego part of her comfort in favor of a new acquaintance.

Suelen’s fiancé found Lana dragging her blanket outside to share with a stray dog before he left for work in the morning.

Frequently, they published on Facebook:

«When Lana saw her buddy in need of a blanket and in the cold, she did it without thinking twice. He led her up to the fence and gave his friend a slice.

Suelen claims that the day before, he had spotted that other dog for the first time close to his home. She had fled when she went to approach him to search for an identification tag since she wasn’t sure whether he was a stray dog. Evidently, Lana became friends with the puppy and made the decision to lend a hand.

Suelen said to The Dodo:

My canine best buddy made me think, “How lovely is what he did for his pal. ” Generosity is something that is really vital.