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Dog Insists Newborn Photo Shoot Can’t Happen Without Him

Bentley is a cute Goldendoodle puppy that lives in College Park, Maryland with his family (United States). Bentley just became a proud bigger brother after his parents welcomed their first child.

The adoring canine takes his new role as a big brother extremely seriously. He is very protective of the infant and strives to be as close to him as possible.

“At the hospital, we wrapped our son in a blanket and gave it to my parents, who had Bentley, so he could sniff him and grow used to his fragrance.” We put our son in his car seat when we eventually got him home, and Bentley went up to sniff him and wag his tail happily.”


Bentley is constantly by the baby’s side, ensuring that everything is in order. Bentley is constantly watchful and near by to ensure that the infant is secure if something happens to him. He is his younger brother’s defender, and he has always known that he must protect him.


Kelly explains:

“Every time she hears a cry, she dashes forward and begins whining to tell us that the infant requires our assistance.” Bentley gets angry when we put him in the bassinet because she can’t see the baby directly.”


Bentley insisted on being a part of everything when his parents decided to arrange a newborn picture shoot. The dog is used to posing for photos and enjoys being the center of attention, and he also enjoys spending time with his new sibling at all times.


Bentley’s family had no option but to let him be a part of the picture session, despite the fact that the initial plan didn’t include him at all.


Kelly and her husband obtained some lovely images of Bentley and his younger brother, and they were so pleased with the results that Bentley insisted on being part in the entire process.

The lady asserts:

“Because Bentley insisted on being with the infant, there was no way to shoot the shots without him, and as a result, they turned out better.”