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Despite His Diagnosis, The Little Pig Is Given A Second Opportunity Of Happiness

Floppy is a loving big pig that was born on January 18, 2020, but his life has been tough since his birth. Unfortunately, the pig was born with head shaking syndrome (uncontrollable shaking), and the veterinarians believed he had no future.

It was a challenging condition for Little Floppy because he couldn’t nurse, walk, or do many things on his own. As a result, a veterinarian who examined the pig stated it was the worst case he had ever seen and advised death because it would only survive for a week.


Chelsey Weaning, a lady from West Virginia, wanted to make a difference in the pig’s life and offer him a second opportunity.


When Floppy was born, Chelsey noticed that her sister-in-law and husband were having trouble deciding whether or not to keep the pig. She then informed them that she could transport him home and care for him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Everyone was taken aback since the woman knew nothing about pigs, but she has always had a large heart for rescuing animals in need.

Chelsey explained to Bored Panda:

“While my sister-in-law despised the thought of euthanasia, my husband and I were adamant about allowing this tiny pig to live, even if only for a short time.”


Floppy arrived to his new home, which is a regular house, where he was bottle-fed every three hours and had all of the necessities. The original plan was to keep him for a few weeks, encourage him to progress, and then transport him to a sanctuary, but circumstances changed.


When it came time to take him to the animal refuge, Floppy had won his family’s hearts, and they refused to take him. Chelsey and Floppy created a strong relationship, and he knew that the pig will become a member of his family as a result.

Floppy quickly developed into a warm, intelligent, and friendly little pig that hates being alone and enjoys spending time with humans.


Cherlsey had this to say:

“He learnt to go up and down stairs, open doors, and he enjoys sandwiches, belly massages, and pool time.” Every day, we walk him on a leash. It’s a one-of-a-kind pig that’s unlike any other.

Floppy is a typical domestic pig; he’s been around for a year and a half and loves spending time with his adopted brothers (two dogs and two cats), who are his greatest buddies, and spend a lot of time with him experiencing numerous adventures and shenanigans.


Since he came, Kona, the house’s eldest dog, has taken on the role of foster mother and has taken care of him; they still slumber and play together.

Despite the fact that Floppy has grown to be larger than the other pets in the home, he still enjoys playing in the yard with them and spending time outside.


But Floppy’s tale isn’t only about overcoming obstacles; it’s also become highly famous on social media as a result of it.

The enormous pig family did not want to make his story public, but they did share a photo of him on Twitter one day, and it became a viral phenomenon. They received a flood of supportive responses, and they recognized right then and there that people adored Floppy and that his story deserved to be told.

The concept for a Floppy Instagram account was created there, and the endeavor was well received. He currently has over 6,700 followers on Twitter.


Floppy and Friends, the pig’s family’s company, has been so successful that the revenues are distributed to various shelters.

Floppy’s tale demonstrates that hope is the last thing you should lose and that everything is possible if you believe in it.


Chelsey went on to say:

“We just gave Floppy the chance to become the pig he was intended to be, and he defied the odds and is living his greatest life.”

Floppy now has her own room, and her shaking has nearly totally vanished; nevertheless, it still appears if he is thrilled or nervous.


The most essential thing is that Floppy has a regular life and is always surrounded by his entire family and visitors.