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He Told His Dog To Stay And Waited For Him On The Side Of The Road For Seven Days

Because the person he loved the most in the world instructed him to “Sit” (silent), a simple fundamental command that the clever dog learnt to stay still till Give him a new order, Luke, who had been abandoned on the side of the road, waited there for seven days. Luke was unaware that his family had abandoned him and that he would never see them again.

Russian citizens dining at a restaurant in Moscow witnessed the German shepherd being left by the side of the road. After telling the dog to stay, the owner walked away and disappeared.

“A woman who works there witnessed the incident. He resisted her attempts to make him move.

As the dog remained watching the road for them to return for him, the woman fed him for seven days.

But eventually, Elena Kniazeva, another lady, persuaded Luke that a better life was just around the corner.

Luke was brought to a shelter by Elena, where he met other canines who had similar traumatic pasts. Luke quickly developed a new “trick” for himself: he learned to leap for excitement. Soon after, he was a very happy dog.

Luke never appeared to touch the ground because he was continually bouncing up and down with joy because he was so glad to be with the dogs and the humans who were taking care of him.

Luke’s life has altered as a result of the lady who persisted and persuaded him not to keep looking for the unreliable person who abandoned him.