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Rescued Pit Bulls Protect Dad During Robbery Attempt

Before Robert rescued the two pit bull rescues Ellabelle and Ladybug from the shelter, their lives had not always been nice; they had been abandoned and mistreated. The adorable Ellabelle and Ladybug are constantly grateful to Robert for his loyalty in giving them a second opportunity.

Robert said to The Dodo:

They are quite timid and gentle. They are not at all hostile.

Robert is usually grateful for their friendship, but when they went above and above, he was taken aback.

Robert was at home one day and had left the garage door open. He was seated right next to his car. Four people burst into the garage fast and started beating and intimidating him without saying a word.

John said:

“One struck me square in the eye. I was thrown from my chair.

The robbers then sought Robert’s car keys, to which the injured Robert responded that they were inside the home. The attackers did not anticipate the two pit bulls’ assault and expulsion of the robbers when they unlocked the door, which surprised them.

John said:

“They were kicked out. My daughters jumped on me as they rushed into the garage. They made it plain that no one would harm me going forward as they stood there barking. All four of them departed.

Even though Robert had lost vision in one eye, his devoted friends kept him from getting hurt more and stopped the thugs from finishing their purpose.

For their bravery, Ellabelle and Ladybug were both given honors, as it was only right.

John said:

“They received gifts and goodies. They had quality items.