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Puppy Looks Shocked From A Corner At The Delivery, Until The Little Donkey That Steals His Heart Is Born

Colton, a cute dog, and Willow, a delightful donkey, who reside at the Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary, are excellent examples of the ideal animal friendship.

This furry companion was silently observing from the corner while Olive gave birth to Willow, fully transfixed by what he saw. Colton fell in love with his new little sister right away.

Olive initially shielded her child from the pup because to maternal instincts, but she eventually let Colton get close to her.

The little puppy grew more autonomous, increasingly alienated from his mother, and more interested in his canine companion over time.

Colton appeared to be Willow’s new animal sibling—and an older one at that. They were usually close, and she even appeared to enjoy Colton’s tail-wagging.

Naturally, Colton could not leave Willow alone either; the two make the ideal pair and live in harmony at the Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary.

Colton is a particularly unique dog; he reportedly has the capacity to sense when the farm’s other animals need companionship and is always prepared to provide a helping hand.

Susan Klingenberg, Colton’s mother and the proprietor of the Little Buckets Fram Sanctuary, claims that Colton has a supernatural instinct and can tell when someone needs love and support.