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Delivery Man Jumps Into A Pool To Save A Drowning Dog

John Cassabria is an Amazon employee. He’s in charge of delivering things to his customers’ homes. The man was carefully delivering parcels in Woburn, Massachusetts, last month when he suddenly heard a weird and peculiar noise.

John then opened the door of his delivery vehicle to get a better listen, but he still couldn’t figure out what the weird sound was.

According to John, who spoke to The Dodo,

“The sound I heard was still unimaginable to me.” It sounded like a siren attack combined with howls, similar to how the wind howls through the tree branches.


The man stepped out of the automobile and went to investigate the commotion, which brought him to a fence that encircled a home. After more investigation, he was able to identify the source of the peculiar sound: a dog stuck in a swimming pool pleading for rescue.

The sad senior dog was apparently walking around the premises when he ended himself in the pool owing to a mistake.

The 14-year-old Husky called Luka had been in the water for an unknown amount of time, but he was too exhausted to go any farther.


John stated, ”

“The sound was no longer intriguing; it was scary as soon as I realized what it was. My stomach dropped. I wasn’t sure he was still with us until I saw him, and all I could think about was getting him out of the water and making sure he was safe.”

The man plunged into the pool, clothing and shoes on, with the express intention of rescuing the animal and returning it to dry ground.

He checked sure the dog was in good condition and could breathe on its own after executing this incredible heroic gesture.


John stated, ”

“I was astonished and terrified when I stepped out of the water.” He didn’t want me to abandon him. I stayed with him the entire time because he lifted me up, pawed at me, or pushed me.”

John dialed the city’s animal control number and sat by Luka’s side for an hour and a half while waiting for them.

Fortunately for everyone, the officer in charge happened to be a neighbor of Luka’s family, so he notified them.


Luka’s family was taken aback when they learned of the miraculous rescue and attempted to explain what had occurred. His family claims that the elder dog had gotten out and into mischief before his dog sitter came, resulting in the tragedy.

Fortunately, John was there and saved the day. Lucy Cadwell, Luka’s mother, expressed her gratitude to the nice and gallant guy, knowing how essential his action was for her pet.