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This Pit Bull Refused To Be Adopted Without Her Best Friend And Now They Are Both Happy In A Loving Home

A cute pit bull and a chihuahua have demonstrated to us that animals are more capable than humans of appreciating and comprehending the significance of friendship. When Merrill and Taco were brought to Rocket Dog Rescue in 2014, the pit bull needed surgery to save her life because she had a serious uterine infection.

Taco steadfastly stood by her side to defend her while she recovered, and ever then, the two of them have been inseparable.

She is younger and larger than Taco, and they are dogs of different breeds, but none of that has stopped them from developing the endearing connection that has captured the hearts of many.

The pit bull was around three years old when she was brought to the shelter, and Taco was about eight years old, according to veterinarians.

Due to his asthma and the fact that he only has four teeth, he frequently puts out his little tongue, which makes him extra cuter than normal.

Even though it is challenging to place two dogs with the same family at the same time, they managed to accomplish it. Marrill was set to go home with a new family, but she insisted on staying with Taco, so now both dogs have loving homes.

This pit bull and a chihuahua met at a shelter and are now inseparable

Post by Rocket Dog Rescue

These two are the most in love with one another that we have ever witnessed. When they are separated from one another, they sob.