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Hairless Skin And Wrinkles From Head To Toe, Meet Xherdan The Lovely Cat That Has A Extra-Wrinkly Evil-Looking

Meet Xherdan, a unique cat that at first looks so scary to everyone. Xherdan has wrinkles from head to toe and a very cold stare.

He may look different from other cats but he is such a sweetheart.

Xherdan is a Canadian sphynx from Rüti in Switzerland. He is so famous now because of his unique look.
Sandra Filippi, 47, saw Xherdan for the first time when he was only 12-week-old and loved him since that day.

“His wrinkled pink skin as fine as a peach, his turquoise eyes as blue as the ocean… I was in love!” Filippi told Bored Panda about her first encounter with her unusual cat friend.

She has said that at first everyone is scared of Xherdan but eventually they fall in love very quickly with the lovely cat.