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So unique! This Cat Has Round, Orange, Horror-Like Eyes, His Owner Weren’t Expecting This To Happen

This cute black cat has the most gorgeous eyes. They are so unique and so ‘scary’ at the same time.

Gemlin has now orange eyes but his owner didn’t expect this. Owner said that they didn’t have any idea that cat will have this color on his eyes.

“We got Gremlin a little while after moving to Melbourne from Sydney (Australia). He will be 2 years old in December! We had no idea his eyes would be this colour because we got him when he was little and his eyes were much paler as most cats are born with blue eyes! You can see early pictures of him on the Instagram page—his eyes got much brighter as he’s grown up. We jokingly call Gremlin our son, haha. We love him very much,” says Gremlin’s owner to Bored Panda.

Gremlin likes to have everyone’s attention. He is so happy to have a loving family.