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Woman Shows Up To Clean An Abandoned House And Finds A Dog In The Attic

When a woman went to clean an abandoned house, she examined the attic to organize and clean it. When she did, she had a startling surprise when she discovered a dog that had been locked there for several days.

When the dog was discovered to be imprisoned in the attic when the lady was cleaning a residence in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, she was at a loss as to what to do. So she made the decision to phone Jami, her sister-in-law, who informed her that she would be heading to the dog’s aid in a short while.

She said, “I’m just telling you, she is literally skin and bones. I promised her I’d be there in ten minutes. I don’t remember the last time she gave him food.

Facebook/Jami Lassell

The dog’s precise length of imprisonment in the attic was unknown, but Remi was soon discovered to be her name. They also saw that she had been gnawing on the door and the walls to get out from this flea- and feces-infested location.

Facebook/Jami Lassell

When Jami did arrive at home, she surprised him with a warm and affectionate welcome.

The lady continued:

She is the most loving dog I have ever encountered. Her tail immediately began to wag when she spotted me because she only wanted to be loved.

Jami first intended to foster Remi until she was healthy before finding her a loving home where she could live out the rest of her days as she should. But as soon as Remi entered Jami’s home, everything changed since he won everyone’s heart.

Facebook/Jami Lassell

Jamie stated:

I couldn’t give her up once she got home with me.

Remi was given a few medicated baths to get rid of the fleas, as well as some tasty food, and was then sent to the veterinarian.

Facebook/Jami Lassell

Remi had a broken leg, and they discovered that he would probably require surgery to make a full recovery.

The small puppy showed she was a loving creature despite all the suffering she had gone through by petting everyone she met.

James stated:

His ears perk up and tail wags whenever he sees someone.

Facebook/Jami Lassell