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Sad Dog That Spent Years Crying In A Kennel Is So Happy Now

Arkin was a cute little puppy that spent the most of his life in a Romanian shelter. The dog lived his entire life in a tiny, filthy confinement. He had a flea infestation, was very underweight, and was covered in scars and lesions. The sad dog didn’t even bark when people passed by his cage because he had given up hope that he would ever be saved. But it was obvious from the expression in his eyes that he was in discomfort.

Finally, a representative from the animal rescue group Howl of a Dog arrived to save him.

Arkin was silent when the rescuer initially entered his cage and appeared as though he couldn’t believe someone was there to see him.

The dog was taken from his kennel and brought to the Howl of a Dog rescue center without saying a word.

While being cleaned by his rescuers to get rid of his fleas, the cat remained quiet. He ate the meal the rescuers had given him while remaining still.

With Arkin, Howl of a Dog tried to instill in him a sense of confidence and human trust. He was first guarded, but as he grew more at ease, his genuine fun side emerged.

The dejected dog that had previously waited helplessly in a chilly kennel started to play in the yard of the rescue facility, running through the grass and digging in the sand. In Howl of a Dog, he also made friends with a few of the other canines.