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Family Is Frozen When A Hungry Bear Responds When He Is Not Allowed To Enter

Remember that there is never a need to assault or harass an animal that is merely interested when seeing something out of place when we encounter a wild animal since it may be that when we see a wild animal our survival instinct is engaged and we want to find refuge in a safe location.

The best course of action is to gently leave and seek safety. Christian Pondella did just this when he recently had an unexpected guest at his mountain property in California.

Pondella was on the patio when she unexpectedly noticed a sizable wild bear moving toward her without any plans of stopping.

The big animal was a little too eager to meet his new neighbors. Regarding this, Pondella says:

While I was on the phone, he walked on the back deck.

Pondella’s natural response was to hide inside his home and wait for the bear to go, but the man’s actions appeared to the enormous bear to be a subliminal invitation, and it appears that the bear misread the message.

The bear apparently believed that Pondella had welcomed him inside since he spent a considerable amount of time on the terrace contemplating what was taking place.

The bear was so intrigued that when he didn’t receive the greeting he anticipated, he even peered out the window. When Pondella and her family noticed the inquisitive bear breaking the glass, they refused to let it go and persisted on going inside despite their attempts to shoo it away.

Everyone was left in amazement at how magnificent Mother Nature is and how certain animals would respond depending on how you treat them after the man shared the “zooawesome” video on his Instagram account. He wrote this at the bottom of the video:

One of our neighbors dropped by, evidently not like our front door and not understanding what “shoo” meant.

Fortunately, this strange and unexpected meeting did not result in any injuries. The bear eventually gave up trying to enter the house since he knew that Pondella and her family did not want him there and instead set off in quest of new experiences.

Pondella offered this comment:

“When he eventually departed, things went well. Although bears are prevalent in our neighborhood, it is always exciting to spot one.

Pondella most likely needs a new window, but in the end, we have to realize that the bear is a part of that neighborhood and gets where it is going, even if it is not in the most pleasant manner.