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Every Time She Passes Her House, The Dog Brings Her Best Friend A Ball

Playing with other dogs has always been one of Lady’s favorite activities. Lady was ecstatic when her family moved into a new neighborhood about a year ago and discovered there were dogs living next door, but not as ecstatic as her new neighbor, Nikko.

Nikko was overjoyed to have Lady in the neighborhood from the moment she met her — and it wasn’t long after she moved in that she began giving her a small present to express her gratitude.


Lady’s mother, Erika Ekman, told The Dodo, “She (the neighbor’s dog) first brought her a ball a few times after they said hello through the fence.” “There aren’t always toys in the front yard. If she had a ball in the yard the first time she saw Lady, I believe she would have brought it.”


If Nikko and her brother, Mac, are outdoors when Lady goes for her daily stroll, Nikko will look for a ball to throw to her. She doesn’t always locate one, but when she does, she always offers it to Lady to play with, perhaps hoping that Lady would return it so they can play fetch together.

“If she [could], Lady would keep it,” Ekman added. “We grab it from Lady and return it; else, they’ll run out of balls!”

Lady is always so eager when it’s time for her walk so she can pass by Nikko’s house and say hello, and Nikko is always so excited when it’s time for his walk so he can pass by Lady’s house and say hello.


“Every day,” Ekman added, “she pulls us to their house and goes up on the fence to check whether one of them is out.”