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Luxurious Hotel Creates Kind Initiative To Feed Homeless Dogs

By using leftover food as a source of nutrition for abandoned animals in Abu Dhabi, Chef J Gourmet and his staff at the five-star Fairmont hotel are providing a wonderful service to the environment. With the assistance of Animal Action UAE and Springbok Butchery and Catering UAE, all of this has been made possible.

The feeding day was officially introduced last week at the Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care’s Friday breakfast, and it was a huge success.

The goal of this initiative is not only to provide assistance, but also to raise awareness among other eateries and lodging facilities so that food is not wasted when so many animals may benefit from it.

FB: Chef J Gourmet

The fact that the food is inspected and cut before delivery should be emphasized.

FB: Chef J Gourmet

On his Facebook page, Chef J Gourmet posted the following message:

“We want all veterans who take in stray dogs to have access to this food! We want to make sure that everyone in our nation who helps those in need by volunteering their time and money may eat! Additionally, we urge every hotel and restaurant to join our program to eliminate food waste so that leftovers may be fed to animals rather than being thrown out.”

FB: Chef J Gourmet

Additionally, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi has committed to give any unsold meals.

FB: Chef J Gourmet

The Chef asserts to be familiar with the time and resources volunteers need to rescue, shelter, feed, and treat animals since they claim to be a part of the animal welfare community.

He stated:

“We have at least made a big step toward lessening its detrimental influence if we can transform this trash into something that helps other starving souls.”

FB: Chef J Gourmet