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Police Allow Paying Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food

Animal lovers often consider their pets to be members of the family and to occupy a special place in their hearts. Unfortunately, many individuals choose to reject this happiness and abandon their animals, who are mostly dogs and cats.

Thankfully, there are also those who devote their lives to aiding those poor creatures that have been abandoned and are now living in shelters all over the world.

Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana (USA), which aids stray animals in finding new homes, is an illustration of this.

Muncie Police Department

However, taking care of these creatures is expensive and frequently comes down to the horrifying reality that more people are prepared to give up on a “problem” than to find a solution to it.

Muncie Police Department

An unexpected ally emerged from the commotion as the shelter started to fill with cats and kittens. According to Fox 10, the local police have joined them in enabling people to settle parking fines by rescuing abandoned kittens.

The neighborhood police department made the decision to intervene and assist by presenting locals with a fresh solution to their own issues. The police urged individuals to donate to the shelter as opposed to paying their parking fines with cash.

Both organizations posted about this campaign on social media and included a list of activities users might do in place of paying penalties. It is advised to pack “cat/kitten food, wet canned food/pate, beds, blankets,” among other items.

Muncie Police Department