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This Sweet Shelter Dog Comforts An Anxious Teen In The Middle Of A Parade And She Decides To Adopt Him

A kind-hearted individual sprinting down a street in Charleston, Virginia discovered an attractive bloodhound mix puppy abandoned to his fate. This guy picked up the animal right away and delivered it to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association, where it could get the help it needed.

The dog was originally named Picasso after the famous painter, but he became Picasso due to a typo in the shelter’s system that caused his name to be missing a “s.” No one showed up to take the cute canine home since he was not wearing a collar, was not microchipped, and was not wearing a collar.

Picasso was quickly recognized to be a very sweet and affectionate boy that deserved the finest possible home by everyone at the shelter.


The Humane Association saw a great opportunity to promote its adoptable dogs to the community soon after they arrived, so they chose to walk them in a festive municipal parade.

Kim Vigneau, a shelter volunteer, strolled behind Picasso, determined to get her partner’s attention that night; she was confident that day would transform the life of the puppy, who had previously been in the shelter for 19 days waiting to be adopted.

According to Kim, who spoke to The Dodo,

“It was very lovely.” “That night, my goal was to get him adopted.”


In reality, during the march, Picasso had an encounter with a person that touched the hearts of everyone in the crowd. As they traveled through the procession, Kim recalls seeing a teenage girl sitting on the pavement who appeared to be upset. Picasso reached out to her right away, recognizing her need for assistance.

Abigail Ellis, 16, is a 16-year-old girl who suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and has difficult anxiety attacks that can be extremely severe. Picasso sensed something was wrong and dashed over to console her.


The girl’s mother, Melissa Smoot, recalls:

“Abby was falling forward with her head on her legs. The dog pushed her back by getting her body under her. She then began to turn around. She couldn’t help but believe that if the dog hadn’t been there, Abby would have been face down on the ground.”


The shelter published the incredible story on Facebook in the hopes of finding Picasso a new home. Melissa, on the other hand, couldn’t get the dog out of her head. Abby went to the shelter the day after the parade, and Picasso no sure remembered her.

The family understood right away after watching Picasso with Abigail that being together would be best for them both.

Melissa stated:

“Abby had been requesting a puppy for more than a year. ‘Lord, just provide me a sign that Abby is ready for a dog,’ I kept pleading. This has been referred to as a God’s wink. It certainly was. God smiled at us and granted our requests.”