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It Eventually Pays Off After Years Of Work For Him To See And Picture A Black Panther

One of the creative forms that enables us to preserve our history through the camera’s lens is photography. a mode of expression that enables time travel and passage via the incredible apparatus known as memory.

Thus, no matter what or where, individuals who are enthusiastic about photography will constantly try to record through photos what is of remembering.

Shaaz Jung

Shaaz Jung is one of those photographers who, with his camera in hand and his heart full of passion, was able to take amazing pictures of a black panther, one of the most mysterious creatures in the animal kingdom.

Jung spent years going into the Indian Kabini jungle every day in the hopes of taking pictures of animals.

Shaaz Jung

He has been hiding out in the hostile jungle for the past three years, spending up to 12 hours a day taking pictures of the mysterious black panther Saya.

Regarding this, Jung says:

“When people look at the pictures, they assume there are multiple black panthers where we are, but there is just one there. a gloomy black panther in Nagerhole’s deep woodland. Thus, it was like to discovering a needle in a haystack.

Shaaz Jung

I finally capture an image of one of the animal kingdom’s most enigmatic and gorgeous species after years of perseverance.

On his Instagram account, Jung posted examples of his amazing work, and hundreds of users immediately responded with awe at the beauty of a mysterious cat.

Shaaz Jung

The accomplished photographer posted the following on Instagram:

“While looking for psitourism, I ended up under the shade of old-growth trees of life, where silver rains swirled and wildflowers stretched for the sky. I discovered the Panther in that eerie calm that day, which was thick with mysteries.

Shaaz Jung

The black panther may be seen roaming the magnificent woodland in the pictures.

As an animal with a remarkable capacity for hiding in trees, hundreds of netizens from all over the world were drawn to Jung’s photographs of Saya, which showed her to be silent, agile, and unusually cryptic. The photographer added this caption as a comment:

It was quite amazing to witness this enigmatic cat wandering around that area.

Shaaz Jung