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The Zoo’s Final Surviving Animals, Bears, Have Been Freed Forever

The two bears who were the last two creatures to live in a Pakistani zoo nicknamed the “worst zoo in the world” were freed and will now live in Jordan.

Bubloo and Suzie are two Himalayan brown bears who were compelled to perform acts of entertainment for guests in the Marghazar zoo’s facilities for many years.

It was also the home of the well-known Kaavan, the “loneliest elephant in the world,” which garnered international headlines.


The sad bears have been held hostage in this spot for 13 years; both 17 years old, they will be sent to a Jordanian animal refuge. The Princess Alia Foundation, which was formed by the king’s eldest daughter, will be in charge of your new location, which will be a peaceful haven.


Since their arrival at the zoo in 2007, the animals have been exposed to various forms of torture, including being made to dance and act. They even had their teeth cut out to keep them from fighting their “trainers,” while they were tortured and forced to dance and perform other actions.


The bears’ wellbeing was a worry for animal welfare organizations, as both animals had health issues.

Suzie had surgery to remove a tumor, but the hole on her chest was not closed properly, and she developed an infection. Fortunately, veterinarians from around the world came to the Pakistan Zoo to heal the animal, who had been in excruciating pain for months.


The two animals also exhibit stereotypical behavior, revealing years of mistreatment and abuse, wiggling back and forth, indicating stress and boredom.


The two animals also show stereotyped behavior, such as wriggling back and forth, suggesting discomfort and boredom, exposing years of mistreatment and torture.