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Stray Dog Tracks Down Workplace Of Guy Who Was Kind To Her

Mohd Ridhuan stumbled found a gang of stray dogs at a beach in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where he spends out with his pals last month. Ridhuan has always had a soft spot for animals, so he knew he had to assist when he spotted the starving puppies.

Ridhuan told The Dodo, “I attempted to approach them, and I took a risk since they would chase me.” “They didn’t, which is surprising. When they noticed me, their tails twitched.”


Ridhuan continued traveling to the beach whenever he had spare time to feed the four dogs, who soon became accustomed to his visits, especially Sally, a brown and white dog.


“Every time I go home, she makes a sorrowful look,” Ridhuan remarked. “She’s clingy, happy, and guardian.”

Sally seemed to agree with Ridhuan that she is safer in the store or the restaurant next door than she is on the beach. “If I’m not around, please go [to the restaurant] and don’t play on the street,” Ridhuan said. “She either listens to me or sleeps in the store while I’m waiting.”