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Dog Saves His Human By Guiding An Ambulance After It Collapsed On The Street

After guiding an ambulance to its comatose owner in northern China, this Golden Retriever is being hailed as a hero. The man seemed to have fainted in a narrow lane in Yuncheng, Shanxi province, and locals summoned an ambulance.

According to the Daily Mail, footage from an ambulance camera shows the devoted dog waiting for the ambulance in the middle of the street before running off and barking, encouraging rescuers to follow him.

The man had been collecting bottles at a neighbor’s house when he fainted in the tiny passageway and was saved by his devoted little dog.

According to Jiang Xu, one of the rescuers, the dog kept gazing back at the ambulance to check if it was being pursued.

Jiang stated:

“After confirming that we were following him, the dog stepped up speed and began sprinting.”

The dog ultimately led responders to a gathering that had gathered around the incapacitated owner on the ground.

After the story went viral, many social media users were affected by the devoted dog’s devotion.

In a remark, a Weibo user stated:

How did the dog know it was an ambulance? That’s incredible! ”

Another user commented:

“What a wise and devoted guardian angel!”