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They Record A Bear “Deciding What To Buy” In A Supermarket To The Horror Of Customers

The black bears of Lake Tahoe, California, found this convenience to access the premises, and ever then, they haven’t been hesitant to go through the “huge door” to stock up on the same food that humans buy before temperatures increase significantly.

Bear enters Safe Way to purchase some Tostitos.

Customer Adina Baidoo recorded the first visitation as she almost collided with the large bear as she was exiting the store with her cart after coming inside to get a bag of chips.

We never anticipate being shocked by a certain customer who may easily scare us until we leave the place when we go grocery shopping.

This is what occurred when hungry bears drawn to the smell of easy food suddenly visited a Safeway in Lake Tahoe a few times over the course of two weeks.

Although these creatures don’t think twice about breaking into a house or a car to get what they want, they could choose that choice if they find a simpler route in, one of which is the automated sliding door.

Adina pulled out her phone to take a picture of the surprise shopper.

Adina states in the video, “It seems like a bear has decided it’s going shopping.”

The bear walked out of the store and paused to consume his stolen food close to the entrance.

Days later, a second bear was seen browsing the vegetable section near the avocados before stealing what was likely yogurt from a plastic container.

Authorities advise neighbors not to discard food or anything with an odor that may be appealing to bears since Lake Tahoe is home to more than 35,000 black bears and interactions with locals are frequent.

The website of the National Park Services issues a warning that bears scavenging for human food have not lost their natural ability to feed.

According to the Bear Services website, “Human food just contains considerably more energy, fat, and calories than the bears’ natural diet, so they can spend much less time foraging and gain weight when they eat this sort of food.” Country Park.

For these magnificent creatures, gaining a few extra pounds before winter is not an issue; maintaining a balanced diet is not one of their top objectives.