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A Bear And Her Cub Unjustly Lose Their Lives For Getting On A Submarine

Knowing how hard it has been for many to learn to coexist with the natural world and animals is unfortunate. Every animal that lives on our planet contributes significantly, but there are certain humans that do nothing except wreck everything in their way.

A recent video about two bears at Russia’s Vilyuchinsk base was made public. Despite the fact that their actions were absolutely innocuous, someone chose to get rid of them.

“We ruined their livelihoods, their food supply, and their land. What a loss! They caused no harm,” a user on the networks bemoaned.

A mother bear and her youngster, who appeared to be a little underweight, entered a Russian Navy submarine. Sadly, the nearby people made the decision to label them as dangerous.

When two explosions were heard abruptly, the bears were staring toward the sea when one of them crashed into the water. His main error was becoming so close to people that they immediately took their own life.

There is no alternative. They would have arrived in the adjacent towns if we had drove them away. In Kamchatka, bears should be battled in this manner, a guy is heard saying in the video.

Many people protested the unfair decision to attempt the bears’ life without giving them a chance and without giving it any thought or consideration as soon as the film was released on the networks.

According to a Russian Navy official, specialists were contacted about the situation and they determined that it would be better to contact a military personnel with hunting expertise.

The answer provided by the Baza news station only served to infuriate animal defenders even more.

“The mother was wounded and underweight. Without his mother around, the puppy was likely to develop hostile, according to the Baza channel.