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Puppy That Were Just 1.8 Pounds Is So Huge And Beautiful Now

Dallas, Texas’s streets were home to a scrawny tiny dog that was clinging to live and in bad health. The Dallas Dog RRR rescuers made the decision to transport him to the hospital right away because of his worrying condition and their realization that they were running out of time.

Unbelievably weighing just 1.8 pounds, the cub could hardly lift his head and could hardly open his eyes, and it was clear that he was fighting for his life.

Due to his size, they initially assumed the puppy they called Stuart was a chihuahua, but to everyone’s astonishment, he turned out to be a pit bull.

Facebook/Dallas Dog RRR

Due to his extreme malnutrition and poor health, he didn’t even resemble a pitbull puppy. He was really little.

Stuart had to undergo a number of tests at the hospital in order to diagnose any ailments he could have and treat his condition.

Facebook/Dallas Dog RRR

Stuart’s blood work results were dismal; due to fleas and ticks, he was so anemic that he needed a blood transfusion right away. The first two days of the small puppy were difficult and unsettling since he appeared to lack a conscience and was frequently going insane.

The small boy’s fragile health did not get any better, but the rescuers were ready to battle and do whatever it took to preserve his life.

Facebook/Dallas Dog RRR

Fortunately, Stuart started to improve a little after five days, and Susan wanted to place him in a foster family.

The little child appeared to be extremely content at Susan’s home, yet it was still obvious that he was having difficulty getting by. Susan noted that Stuart seemed exhausted, lethargic, and had his head down, despite the fact that he often slept for several hours.

Facebook/Dallas Dog RRR

After Susan took Stuart home, he behaved normally for a few days and appeared to be doing better. Everyone was delighted by the news, which was undoubtedly a significant win in Stuart’s brief life’s journey.

As the days passed, Little Stuart’s health completely restored.

Facebook/Dallas Dog RRR