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This Dog Was Very Sad Because Her Family Abandoned Her To Go Travel

This dog is depressed and devastated after being abandoned by her family at a shelter. ‘Julie,’ a Maltese female, was distraught when her family surrendered her to a busy animal control office in California on Sunday, December 4th.

She is 12 years old and was abandoned by the people she cares about the most. She was dumped up at Carson Animal Services in a lovely clothing. Her family abandoned her in that location, oblivious to the possibility that Julie might be sacrificed.

Julie’s family gave her up because they were too busy traveling, according to the Facebook page of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs. The saddened dog’s “family” is now free to roam, but the poor animal was abandoned, upset and puzzled by the abrupt change.

By sharing Julie’s story, you may assist her. She deserves to find a new family with whom she may spend her final years, someone who would never abandon her.

She was rescued from a shelter and placed in a foster home, where she awaited a permanent family, but then something tragic occurred.

Julie passed away just a few days after gaining affection in a foster family. She was unwell, with renal failure; perhaps the old family was aware of this and didn’t say anything when they abandoned her; it was too late, and the poor creature couldn’t take any more suffering.