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Kind Man Saves 950 Dogs That Were Abandoned And Left To Die

“In Romania, people do not spay or neuter their pets and thousand of animals are abandoned and left to die a horrible death in public shelters, hit by cars of tortured and killed by monsters who think this is the only way to deal with those who cannot protect themselves.”

“Radu Termure is one of the many wonderful Romanians who are fighting the good fight to save these poor souls. He is the sole caretaker for over 950 dogs in Cluj! A video was shared in Jan 2017 and shows Radu, his dogs and volunteers on the current location of the shelter. The shelter is now located inside an old farm house with decripit buildings most of them with no roofs, and there is no water, electricity or gas available. The owners of the farm have decided to give a new use to the old buildings so Radu and his friends must leave by the end of April 2017… In this extreme situation we need help to acquire a piece of land of min 5 ha near Cluj (the cost of the land would be ~50,000 euros).

On this land we can build a new shelter where dogs can have a better life until they find a forever home. Radu saved hundreds of dogs and cats from death, neutered, spayed and provided veterinary treatments for sick animals out of his own pocket and only some occasional donations in the past few years. Radu sacrificed his life and all his life savings for the love of animals and he and his furry friends need our help to survive!”