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This 15-Year-Old Girl Has Saved The Lives Of More Than 100 Dogs In 2 Years

Milagros Toledo, an excellent woman, has demonstrated great maturity and a large heart in her activities. The 15-year-old girl devotes her life to caring for all pets that have gone through traumatic experiences including injuries, sickness, and abandonment.

The Milagros family has long been known for their willingness to work with animals. About three years ago, the Toledo family’s neighbors came to them for assistance with a dying stray dog, and the Toledos provided it without delay.

He had a hip injury that caused him severe pain, but today, thanks to Milagros and his family, he is completely healthy.

The young woman makes money for her beautiful work by selling donated goods on the weekends.

In two years, Milagros Toledo anticipates saving more than 100 people.

It has been much simpler for Milagros to complete the task because of the assistance of the veterinarian Julieta Guidoni, who offers her services without any payment. Milagros searches the streets for dogs and brings them to her home where she provides them with everything they need until they can find a permanent home.

Fortunately, he just charges me for medicines; without his assistance, I couldn’t accomplish this, Milagros stated.

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“Fortunately, people support me, whether it’s posting about my cases on Facebook to help find them a home, contributing money, food, or whatever else they can; They all help us.”

“I pledge to castrating the cases I put up for adoption in order to prevent the abandonment of further pups. However, I had to take the dogs back home more than time since they weren’t neutered and I had to do it by myself.

The great dream of this young lady is to become a superb veterinarian, a dream that she will undoubtedly realize because, even at the age of 15, she has demonstrated that her intentions are to create a more just world for animals.