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This Granny With Alzheimer’s Totally Transforms Every Time This Dog Comes To Visit Her

A 95-year-old grandmother with Alzheimer’s who is often depressed about her situation suddenly smiles when a puppy arrives. It is incredible to watch how a tiny puppy can improve the life of a person who is dealing with really trying circumstances. The elderly woman Winifred Lowey’s grandson, Richard Dawson, likewise observes her metamorphosis each time the dog pays her a visit.

Dawson tweeted the following:

“Due to her Alzheimer’s disease, my 95-year-old grandmother frequently cries, loses her temper, and acts erratically. To begin with, we borrowed a dog, and now this.

Dawson, who works with his brother to care for his grandmother, recently learned of a business called Borrow My Doggy that brings together a number of dog owners in the UK so that they may provide companionship to those in need. They first encountered Orla, a stunning 9-month-old dachshund, in this way.

To quote Dawson to The Dodo:

Orla is still a puppy, so she loves attention. “[Orla’s owner] brings her every Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours for my grandmother to play. As soon as the bitch gets in front of her, she stops and just plays, making him forget about her worries and her pain.”

These kinds of services are perfect for families or individuals who, for whatever reason, are unable to permanently own a pet because companion animals provide many health advantages.

Dawson remarked:

“Taking care of a puppy on top of taking care of my grandma would be too much duty. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to borrow a dog like this, especially if the Alzheimer’s patient had dogs when she was younger.