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Dog Is Rejected Over And Over Again Until This Woman Sees His Beauty

Some individuals make snap judgments based on someone’s outer appearance, forgetting that what counts most is their inner beauty. Lucky is a dog that has been abandoned countless times just because he is different from the others. Many individuals who came into contact with him couldn’t believe what they saw and passed up the opportunity to meet this lovely dog, but one guy did.

Lucky was hatched in a hatchery and had a facial abnormality, therefore he was deemed unsuitable for sale. As a result, he was sent to a shelter in attempt to find a home, but it was extremely difficult due of the prejudice he faced as a result of his looks.


He traveled through numerous homes during his adoption procedure, until he finally came at a household in Austin, Texas, where his luck started to turn around.

Lucky lived a miserable and lonely existence despite the fact that he had found a permanent home since his owner did not want him there. Lucky was kept outside because the woman had cats; he was occasionally tethered to a tree for days, with no bed and no human interaction.


Even less food was provided to the unfortunate dog, and he was ignored, neglected, and tormented, never receiving the affection he needed.

Finally, the family chose to donate Lucky to the shelter since they were moving and didn’t want to take him with them; it was clear that Lucky was not a family member to them.


The dog was adopted again, but it didn’t take long for his new family to dump him at the shelter. But then something happened on social media that altered everything!


Lucky was taken to the barbershop by a shelter worker to get him ready for some shots. When the photographs were shared on social media, they caught the attention of the appropriate person for Lucky: Jamie Hult, a volunteer buddy.

The woman was so affected by the dog’s story that she immediately wanted to meet him, and even better, she wanted to adopt him!