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Bunny Best Friends Have Been Waiting 760 Days For A Home Together

Biscuit and Waffle were surrendered together to a shelter in March 2016. The bunnies have always been the best of friends, and staff at the RSPCA’s Reading with Oxon Border branch knew they had to find them a home together. Days, months, years passed, and still no one showed any interest in the sweet pair — and now, 760 days later, Biscuit and Waffle are still searching for their forever home.

While the bunnies are now each 5 years old, they still have so much love to give. Their personalities are very different, and yet somehow they work so well together, and having each other has helped bring them comfort during all their time spent waiting for a home.

“Biscuit is incredibly friendly but Waffle is quite timid and a little unsure around people so he can be a little unpredictable,” Sandra and Steve Ayers, of Reading Rabbit Rescue, said in a press release. “That’s why we feel these two would be best going to an adult-only home with someone who has kept rabbits before and understands them. We hope with the right person and with lots of time, Waffle will begin to trust people and will start to come out of his shell.”

While Waffle is incredibly shy, Biscuit is the life of the party, and they seem to balance each other out. They both love to play and explore though, and would love a home with lots of places to hide, things to chew and new adventures to discover together.

Both Biscuit and Waffle truly are the sweetest bunnies, and everyone who knows them can’t seem to figure out why they’ve been without a home for so long.

“We just don’t understand why these two haven’t yet found the right home and we really don’t want to have them in RSPCA care for another year,” Ayers said. “We’d urge anyone who has a soft spot for rabbits and would like to give an older pair a chance to come and visit them — we’re sure they’d fall in love with their deep, dark eyes, their beautiful fluffy ears and their quirky personalities.”

Waffle and Biscuit would do best in a home with no kids under the age of 16. They would love it if they could have both indoor and outdoor spaces to explore, and are both very active little buns who love having lots to do. Really, though, they just need a bunny-loving family who is willing to finally give them the second chance they’ve always deserved.