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People Are Having A Hard Time Believing That This Creature Is Real

It’s easy to understand why this especially chubby amphibian is well on his way to online fame.

Many people have questioned whether this animal is real because of his smooth spherical physique and expressive small face.

And it’s difficult to blame them.

Take a peek at him.

Some speculate that he’s a shellless turtle, while others speculate that he’s the result of a child’s ceramics project gone wrong.

However, neither of these options is correct.

Jodi Rowley, a biologist and amphibian expert, decided to cut through the hype and expose the animal’s genuine identity on Twitter.

“This frog has gone viral on social media. It’s a burrowing frog with a blunt skull (Glyphoglossus molossus) “Rowley penned an essay. “This species, which is native to drier portions of mainland Southeast Asia, spends the most of its existence underground, waiting for rain – they have an excellent form for burrowing and water conservation.”