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A Cow That Stopped Giving Milk Cries Inconsolably Thinking That It Would Be Transferred To The Slaughterhouse

The majority of cows have a difficult life. They spend years and years enduring to various forms of unjust treatment as their owners exploit them for financial gain.

Fortunately, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to speak up, and many have found a new life in sanctuaries and in nature.

They started using this lovely cow to get her milk as soon as she got pregnant. This meant isolating her and her children from her, which had a significant impact on her. When the vaquitas reach a certain age, they are usually sent to the butcher, where they are put to death in a horrific manner.

“I was afraid, not just unhappy.”

These creatures appear to know what their dreadful end would be after so many years. When the vaquita stopped producing milk, she was loaded onto a truck and transported. Immediately, the poor creature became terrified.

Her eyes show that she is afraid, and she even starts to scream in a frantic attempt to get help.

Animals have feelings, contrary to popular belief, and after such a terrible existence, they suffer from the continual tension and worry that their daily lives entail. The vaquita expected to be taken to the slaughtering, but the truth was rather different.

The Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary is a non-profit organization. When they arrived, the lovely cow couldn’t believe what she had seen. She locks herself away in a lovely location with plenty of greenery, where she will be fully free.

“Knowing that these creatures will be able to start a new life and that they will only exit this world due to natural causes is incredibly precious.”